Sunday, March 22, 2009

5'9" HP Dialer

Just picked up this absolutely bad-ass ride from Ian Zamora.
Dim's 5'9"x20.5x2-3/8 in poly w/ tapered stringer and abstract resin tint. The color-work came out unbelievable. By far the best resin-tint abstract I have ever seen and it happens to be on my board!!! Stoked!!!

Can't wait to get this board out in the water this week. I had two of the best sessions of the past 2 years at a socal pointbreak last week on my eps/resin-x hp fish. My last 2 boards from Ian were magic. Can't wait to ride this one! Stoked! (Photos courtesy of Ian Zamora)



  1. you lucky bastard! that board looks so sick. really cool colors on that

  2. Nice board! Can't wait till I'm out of job so I can go to the beach with you! haha....