Sunday, March 1, 2009


Two new additions to the quiver. I usually sell a board or two before adding. I recently let 2 boards go before these bad-boys arrived. Board on the left is an eps/resin-x tapered stringer Zamora HP Fish at 5'10"x19-3/4x2-7/16. The one on the right is a Hynson Black Knight Quad (BKQ) in xtr at 5'9x20.5x2.5.
Both boards go insane. The Zamora works in anything from waist high up to waves well overhead and the Hynson BKQ shines in anything from knee to about chest/shoulder high. I rode both over the weekend in ankle to barely knee high slop and was amazed at how easily both boards just picked up even the tiniest little high tide mushburgers. I've vowed off longboards on the smallest days b/c I always regret it when the surf picks up and I'm trying to get used to my shortboards during the first few sessions. On those weakest of weak waves, the Zamora had to be worked rail to rail pretty good to keep up the momentum, but the BKQ just flew... and allowed some nice little cutbacks and small hits. So darn fun. The first left I took off on on the BKQ was this little knee high dribbler and when I connected to the inside section, I couldn't believe the speed I was getting on this thing... it was like whooosh. When the waves get punchier I whip out the Zamora hp fish, but either way I'm covered.
With these two boards, I think I can handle about 95% of what So-cal has to offer, in fact 100% so far of what winters thrown at us this year, even up to 8-10 ft faces. OK, I dodged the 10 foot bombs. Nontheless, I've gotten some dicey OH beachbreak bombs on the Zamora hp fish. I was thinking about getting a step up this winter, but doesn't look like I'll be needing it.

So I'm still getting the hp fish dialed in w/ fins and stuff (running composite lokbox T-knox fronts and the lbxm 3.8 rears) but a set of Bamboo 101's would just kill on that board! Very different personality from my first poly hp fish from Zamora, this feels more twangy and crisp w/ the eps/resin-x combo... still getting used to the new materials as these both are my first non-poly boards being they are in epoxy/resin-x and xtr respectively. More to follow and hopefully some nice pics on them as soon as I get my camera back from Olympus. Until then, surf on!


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